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Microsoft Teams audio conference, should you go for it?


Microsoft Teams has been arousing a lot of market interests especially for those Microsoft customers with enterprise agreement in place, in which Microsoft Teams customer can enjoy the audio conference too, however, should you go for it? This article is aiming at giving you a second thought to look into another side of this great product.

When you do web searching on “Microsoft Teams audio conference integration“, one of the result top of the list is about Microsoft Teams does not support 3rd-party Audio Conferencing Providers (ACPs).” In fact, this topics is one of the top voted features in the Microsoft Teams User Feedback forum, you could get more details from the following URL.

Microsoft Teams is a great product especially if you want to increase your staff productivity by making all collaboration – voice, chats, online meeting, shared files, tasks etc. Microsoft Teams is available in one single application and interface. In addition, it seems that you have a wide range of 3rd party application that integrate into Microsoft Teams, however, your choice of 3rd party products and services are dictated by Microsoft. Some of your existing product or service (like Audio conference service) may not be able to integrate with Microsoft Teams.

If we put aside the financial reward to Microsoft by eliminating competition on the choices of Audio Conference Service, one of the key consideration is whether you still have choice to choose your preferred IT vendors or Telecom service providers if you are totally relied on Microsoft. At the moment, there are only a limited certified partner (except desk phones partners) publicly announced as core partners of Microsoft Teams, how’s the impact to your end users if you are using Lifesize Video Cloud, Avaya IP PBX, Cisco Webex etc. for your voice and video communication, how these Voice and Video expertise can integrate with Microsoft Teams, it would be good to find out more from them before placing all your bets into Microsoft. 


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