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Key Benefits of subscribing SIP Trunking service

This article is aiming at giving you an idea what are the key benefits of subscribing SIP Trunking Service which is connecting to your IP-PBX to handle the incoming and outgoing voice traffic.

1. Cost saving on SIP Trunking monthly rental

One of the key business driver for customers to adopt SIP Trunk instead of conventional IDA (T1) service is big cost saving, in which the cost saving benefits are manly contributed by the IDD (International long distance ) saving instead of the local IDA service. In fact, most of the Telecom Carrier in Hong Kong have both conventional IDA service and SIP Trunking service available, but the market growth of SIP Trunking in Hong Kong is not significant, all because Telecom Carriers can easily cut the rental charges of IDA service.

2. Free international calls

Many of the SIP Trunking service provider, such as Net2Phone, comes with a truly competitive offer of free international fee IDD calls when you subscribe their SIP Trunking service, you are enjoying free IDD call for more than 20 countries worldwide, you can expect consistent and reduced telephone bills once you implement SIP trunking for your business. The great thing about SIP trunking is that you get immediately significant ROI. 

3. International Mobility

For those business customers having Hong Kong as Headquarter or Regional Hub, they may want to establish business presence globally with limited financial and human resources invested in each country. When you combine your voice and data into one single network with SIP trunking, then you your remote workers or global locations can be easily consolidated, this helps to increase international mobility for your regional teams.

4. No Infrastructure and Hardware at oversea offices

Despite you may already own an IP-PBX in Hong Kong office, you still have a number of solution options to expand your overseas operations in an economical and manageable fashion. One of the merit of keeping minimal hardware and infrastructure at overseas office, you are enjoy greater mobility as well as lowest relocation costs.  

All in all, SIP trunking is a destructive telecom service from legacy telecom service provider, please do ask if they have this service options as SIP trunking will give you greater and better flexibility in managing your voice and data communication. 


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