Data Network Solution

Data Network Solution

Data network is an essential component which supports the day-to-day operation of the corporations. Building a scalable, manageable, reliable and affordable large enterprise requires a two-fold effort. Firstly, enterprise manager must manage the budgets fiercely. Secondly they must ensure that their infrastructure can support advance technology and integrated, secure and intelligent services. Remote branch offices need to connect with headquarters freely and reliably at anytime, from anywhere.

With the development of the global economy, many corporations are required to build infrastructure that meets all kinds of demands for their business.

From small to large enterprises, the challenges are mounting up. There are needs to expand or optimize the network efficiently. Remote access by users is fundamental. Security is a major concern. Wireless access is almost inevitable. Quality of Service is required to serve various kinds of traffic on the data network. Network management is also essential for daily operation. Furthermore the data network has to cope with the advancing technology.

Example of data network:


To summarize the following areas must be looked at closely:

  • LAN access
  • Core back-bone switching
  • Routing solution
  • WiFi solution
  • QoS requirements
  • Network Management functions
  • VPN setup
  • IPv6 requirements

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