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Options to deal with your legacy Nortel CS1000 system

Despite Nortel CS1000 system is known as one of the highest quality and most reliable PBX system in the market, Avaya already announced the end of sales for the CS1000 and presented a timeline to end support, what would you do if you still have Nortel CS1000 installed in your office and is now running properly?  This document is aiming at introducing you with a couple of options you could consider.

1. Do nothing and let it runs for another 10 years

Nortel CS1000 system was classified as one of the longest service lifetime, despite Avaya already declared that the Nortel CS1000 system will be end of manufacturer support in 2022, this doesn’t mean you cannot keep your Nortel CS1000 system. If you are now paying for Avaya’s Partner Assurance Support Service (PASS) for your Nortel CS10000 system, Avaya will indirectly support your system via your existing Nortel CS1000 system maintenance provider.  Some customers did not purchase Avaya PASS but are comfortable with the current functionalities of the existing Nortel CS1000 System, they just do nothing at all but employing a Nortel maintenance service company who are able to provide maintenance service (with guarantee spare parts) to them. This is the most straightforward and simple approach.

2. Gradual migration

Nortel CS1000 system customers invested significantly in this robust but now legacy system, they are struggling with how to extend the value of this investment. One of most economical approach is to adopt a gradual migration strategy, in which you could consider purchase a small PBX system such as Avaya or other PBX brands to address your additional capacity or feature requirements, this will enable you to keep the existing Nortel CS1000 system while enjoying the flexibility (capacity and functionality) of the new PABX system as both systems are connecting together. Building a small Call Center is a typical example for this type of migration strategy. 

3. Total replacement

If you have forthcoming office relocation plan and already have sufficient IT budget approved to refresh your voice and data infrastructure, total replacement of the Nortel CS1000 will be the most ideal approach as you probably need to replace all voice and data infrastructure. In this scenario you will have a greater and wider choice in vendor choices, however, one important point need to bear in mind that whether your end users want to make phone calls via PC with headsets, some of the executives and secretaries may need a physical phone set. Voice mail etc. Don’t forget those legacy features provided by Nortel CS10000 system, please check out with your new vendor if those legacy features can be fulfilled in addition to those new fancy features.  

4. Hosted PBX Service

If your employee size is less than 25 peoples, Hosted PBX Service may be an extra option for you as this service option will reduce your internal IT resource to manage your telephony system. However, if you have larger employee size, you probably may go for buying a new IP-PBX system instead from better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) view point.

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