Technical Consultation Service

Technical Consultation Service

Motion Networks Technology (HK) Ltd. has a client-focused technical consultation team which is qualified and experienced in providing technical services, project management and various technical consultation services.

With the coming of Web 2.0 era and the advances in mobile telecommunication technology, we believe that many companies are putting more and more attention in these two areas. Hence technical consultation service is necessary to help companies to understand and explore the impact to their business if their voice and data infrastructures are to be evolved.

Our technical consultation service spans from voice and data network design and evaluation, IP telephony network deployment assessment to network operation review and large project management.

We have experience and proven track record in the provision of technical consultation service. We have provided this service to large telecommunication equipment vendor and fixed network service providers.

Technical Consultation Service Track Record

A. We have provided technical consultation to a large telecom vendor on the assessment of data network operation of a Hong Kong fixed network service provider in order to compile a recommendation on out-sourcing to the telecom vendor. It was carried out in beginning of year 2005.

It was a collective effort by the telecom vendor and MNT was appointed to take care the data network operation. It was a process which last for around 2 months.

The following tasks were performed:

  • Performed due diligence on data network operation
  • Interviewed and understood the data network operation work flow
  • Recommended streamlining of data network operation
  • Supported the compilation of proposal

B. In year 2006 we supported the fixed network operator in Macau to provide voice network upgrade for a Casino. The Casino will have to expand a hotel extension and hence a new voice platform was required. Because of the nature of operation of Casino, the voice platform upgrade will have to minimize the down time and ensure continuity of telephone service. Furthermore the voice network setup in Macau for the group of companies with the Casino will also be designed and implemented.

MNT provided technical recommendation on two upgrade options and helped the customer to make the proper choice. We also provided support on compiling the upgrade process and supervised the upgrade on-site.