Multimedia and Broadcasting

MNT provides market-leading solutions for advanced video and audio streaming across TCP/IP network LANs and WANs, streaming terrestrial and satellite television channels, DVDs, VHS or live images from camcorders etc. and viewing streams on TVs, plasma, LCD, projectors or even via PC or laptop.

The reliance upon audiovisual multimedia to communicate within your business and to your clients and partners has become a fundamental of modern life. Multimedia brings an invaluable dynamism to the way we communicate, efficiently and effectively.

However, delivering multi-media service in a building typically involves the installation of autonomous and dedicated coaxial cabling. This method is inefficient, intrusive, expensive and inflexible.

MNT provides the logical alternative. Utilizing state-of-the-art, proven technologies, our IPTV suite of products deliver exceptional solutions to the distribution of multi-channel media within the contemporary work environment, by streaming across your TCP/IP network. The advantage is below:

  • Platform is Networking Broadcast System over IP platform
  • Set-top-box solution to maximize the system robustness and stability
  • Easy to maintain with little effort for ongoing support
  • Large scalability with only one server can support over 200 terminal devices
  • Comparatively lower Bandwidth cost

Multimedia and Broadcasting Solution

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