Cross Border Service

Cross-border companies with offices in both Hong Kong and the PRC need robust telecommunication systems and professional after-sale support, as well as controlling the cost of long-distance calls between the offices. We specialize to provide these services for these cross-border companies as we are experienced in the delivery of various kinds of integrated communication services in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Our group is rooted in PRC and has been in the IT and telecommunication field since mid nineties. We have local professionals who know every single detail in doing business in PRC market. We have run our business in Hong Kong market for many years and hence understand the business requirements of doing a decent business across PRC and Hong Kong. We can render our help.

We are flexible in dealing business with corporations which have headquarters and branch offices spreading widely in both Hong Kong and PRC. Whenever there is a service request in anywhere across regions, we have one management and service team to serve the client as we are client-focused. We provide service to meet clients' precise needs and business requirements. We can deliver the service across regions regardless where the order is placed or settled. We are committed to deliver our quality service, which fully meets client's business requirements as we know what you need and how you work through the whole project cycle process. We promise to resolve any business challenges that our clients are facing in today's competitive market and adverse climate condition.

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