Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

MNT has long history in integrated communication services which cover the voice, data and multimedia services. We have a large client base and are providing professional maintenance service around the clock in 7 x 24 non stop service.

We have a wide range of maintenance service from comprehensive Hardware and software support, optional hardware maintenance, PABX rental service to token base service support which fit different customers’ demand.

Comprehensive Maintenance service

The comprehensive maintenance service will cover the followings:

  • Guaranteed Spare Parts
  • Software support inclusive of patch update, bug fixing (via manufacturer’s software support contract
  • Temporary equipment for emergency support
  • Optional Rental Service for aged PABX systems
  • 7 x 24 service support hotline
  • MAC moves, adds and changes activities
  • Structural cabling running
  • Regular Preventive Maintenance
  • Regular update on system and feature enhancement on new software release
  • Optional 7 x 24 emergency system recovery service

Optional Hardware Maintenance service

A comprehensive maintenance service should normally include hardware maintenance, software maintenance, service and support, in which the software maintenance is provided indirectly from the manufacturer. If customer purchased the software maintenance support via MNT, apart from enjoying vendor’s latest software update, this software maintenance contract will enable our engineer can escalate unresolved technical problem to manufacturer especially for software bugs issue, that is why we would highly recommend customers to consider to purchase a comprehensive maintenance service contract with us.

Due to different business reasons, some customers choose to consider hardware maintenance service support option, i.e. excluding software maintenance support from manufacturer, MNT are equally welcome to offer this optional service to customers with our full suite of guaranteed spare parts on Nortel, Avaya and Lifesize.

Equipment Rental Option

Providing quality maintenance service to customers is one of our top priorities and we believe that keeping high level of variety and quantity of spare parts is a MUST, and therefore we keep on-going sourcing and replenishing for spare parts, One of the side benefits for us is to create the ability and capacity to offer equipment rental optional service for customers, please contact us at 852-3181-9038 or send e-mail to if you have special request.

Example of Guaranteed Spare Parts

  • Avaya Communication Manager and Gateway
  • Avaya IPO system and peripherals
  • Avaya Definity PABX
  • Avaya Prologix PABX
  • Avaya Networking Core Switches ERS
  • Avaya digital/ IP phone Sets
  • Nortel 11C, 61C, 81C PABX with Voice Mail, phone sets etc.
  • Nortel CS1000 series IP-PABX with voice Mail, phone sets etc.
  • Nortel BCM 50/100/400 PABX
  • Nortel digital / IP phone sets
  • Nice Voice Recorders
  • Cybertech Voice Recorders
  • Lifesize 200, 220 series Video Conference Unit
  • Lifesize Icon 400, 600 Video Conference Unit