We are business partners with Avaya, Nortel, H3C and other vendors. We have a professional team with expertise in voice, data and multimedia services and have acquired vendors’ professional certifications such as technical support and project management.

Our expertise have strong technical knowledge and working experience in following areas:

Local Market Knowledge

PRC Market

MNT has a long history of working with the major telecom operators and large corporations in PRC. With the established offices in PRC, we are able to perform the following business:

a. one-stop shopping on ICT solutions for companies either in PRC or in HK
b. import and export for IT and telecommunication products to PRC
c. advice on proper business acumen in PRC

Although PRC market has been open since the early eighties, there are still many companies from overseas find that it takes quite an effort to do business in PRC. MNT is definitely their first-choice partner in the provision of ICT solutions when they set up their business in China.

Hong Kong Market

MNT also has long and good relationships with various fixed network service providers in HK market. We help them penetrate the enterprise data and voice markets. We also provide field service support on certain carrier products.

MNT management team has altogether over 40 years of experience in Hong Kong ICT market. We follow the trend and the customers closely.

Each MNT engineering team member has an average of 15 years of working experience in Hong Kong market. This enables us to have extremely good customer penetration. We are also sensitive to the changes in service requirements in the market.

IP Telephony

In today’s enterprise business, the trend in deploying the integrated communications with convergence of voice, data and multimedia services is moving in a faster way in their trusted communications infrastructure network which provides the high speed, new technology, next generation architectures and services.

IP telephony is a new way to enter the enterprise market. It’s definitely a choice to extend consistent communication services to all your employees in their workplaces no matter they are working in the headquarters, branch offices, main campus, remotely working from home, on the road and mobility reachable at elsewhere.

IP telephony with unified communication is the convergence services of voice, video and multimedia data which integrates with the data network infrastructure enabling the end users to easily communicate with each other in any workspace by using any media and device, such as phone, mobile and PC. By deploying the IP telephony, it offers your customers elevated levels of service through improved employee contact, extended reach and always on communications.

IP telephony system delivers the convergence services of comprehensive suite of rich features and applications over the IP LAN, WAN infrastructure. It also supports the hybrid voice platform which can work with TDM, IP and SIP clients and can provide a smooth migration path for traditional telephone system in achieving the low total cost of ownership.

IP telephony solution promises secure, reliable, scalable and resilient communication service that meets the needs of enterprises from small to large. It is well understood and appreciated by all of us as the values of this new next generation technology can improve the business efficiencies and benefits on operation, management and serviceability. Finally, it transforms to the cost control by eliminating the service charge for moves, adds and changes (MAC) services, centralized dial plan and call routing, unlimited and mobility workspace for end users to plug into the IP telephony network without any additional cost.

Contact Center

In today’s global environment, the vast majority of companies experience a set of continually increasing business pressures, regardless of industry or size. In order to compete effectively, they must become increasingly agile. Contact Center is a key component of business agility to contact the right person in a timely manner as they are always present over wired phones, wireless phones, mobility devices, PDAs, email, fax, IM, audio conferencing and video conferencing. Thus, Contact Center solution transforms the agility into benefits that help client’s operators to work more efficiently and control the resource allocation more timely; supervisors can monitor the Contact Center and agents performance with reporting tools that facilitate business analysis and finally lead to gain in revenue and cost saving.

We have a team of professional experts which specialize in design, analyze business impact and implement Contact Center solutions.

Project Experience in IP Telephony and Contact Centre
HK/Macau Projects

Project: Contact Centre for customer enquiries for fixed network operator
Year of implementation: 2004

Project Scope:
This was a contact centre built in Hong Kong to replace the obsolete call centre which was part of the Central Office. It includes designing the call flow, installation of new agent phone sets, building up the management report server and re-deploying the wall-board display using a new wall-board driver with new call centre. The number of agents is around 30. One of the key elements is the cutover arrangement. After a series of user training on the use of agent sets and use of management reports, the cutover had to be performed during a Saturday night in a period of 6 hours. The carefully planned procedures allowed the cutover completed within target duration.

Project: IP Telephony Project for international insurance company
Year of implementation: 2008

Project Scope:
This was a new IP Data and Telephony project for a new office of a renowned insurance company in Hong Kong. The solution was designed with a H3C core data switching hub and a Nortel CS1000 IP PABX providing voice service. The number of data users is around 400 and the voice users are the same. Special effort was spent during the design phase to work out a data network platform which met the general operating requirements of an insurance company. IP telephony platform design was relatively simple. The data network was properly built and the IP PABX was deployed without any issue. One of the features of the voice platform is the flexibility in expansion whereby media gateways can be deployed over IP network to support easy expansion.

Project: Contact Centre for Travel Agency
Year of implementation: 2004

Project Scope:
This was a new contact centre project for a big travel agency in Hong Kong. The contact centre was newly built together with the office relocation project. This was the first Nortel contact centre built on IP agent sets in Hong Kong market. The number of agent sets is around 50. The IP PABX served total of 300 users, in addition to the 50 agent sets. The project implementation covers design of call flow, design of voice menu in the IVR, integration of 3rd party voice recording system, deploying the PoE switches for the IP phone sets, office telephone system setup and contact centre setup. In year 2007, the travel agency also deployed IP phone sets at their branch offices over their internal IP network. This actually helped them to build a single voice platform serving the headquarters and all branch offices.

Project: IP Telephony Project for an International School
Year of implementation: 2007

Project Scope:
This was an IP telephony project replacing the old PABX at an international school in Hong Kong. This is a hybrid IP telephony platform with 300 IP sets and 200 digital sets initially. Integration with the Microsoft Active Directory is the major achievement. There was a requirement from customer that they wanted to update and create new directory numbers with user names from the Active Directory. When there was a new staff member entered in the Active Directory, the corresponding telephone directory number and user name could be propagated to the IP PABX system so that no manual effort was required to update the IP PABX.

Project: Building VoIP network for a major real estate management group in HK and PRC
Year of implementation: 2006 – 2008 

The customer has been using Nortel platform to support more than 1,000 users in HK with multiple locations. In year 2006 they intended to setup VoIP network to link up locations in PRC and HK. The VoIP solution was proposed to build with a different platform but can run on the Nortel platform. We were able to help the deployment of this solution. Because of its success, we are appointed to expand the network to other locations in PRC over a span of 2 years.

Project: Contact Centre Project for major multinational gaming group in Macau
Year of implementation: 2007

The customer needs to build a contact centre to serve customers on booking, sales, reservation, customer service, etc. It was built on a Nortel Contact Centre platform and had around 60 agents. 3rd party PC based soft agent sets were required to interface with the Nortel platform. Joint test had to be carried out to ensure connectivity.

Project: IP Telephony Project for major multinational gaming group
Year of implementation: 2009 

We helped the customer to build an IP Telephony solution for offices in Hong Kong and Macau. The IP telephony system serves two offices in HK and it is connected to their Macau offices. It is a pure IP telephone system and is an integral part of a large regional IP telephone network.

HK/Macau Projects

Project: VoIP network for a Provincial Public Security Bureau
Year of implementation: 2005

The provincial Public Security Bureau VoIP network using the latest soft switch technology, covering about 3000 police halls in 22 cities and more than 100 counties. This is the first Public Security VoIP network in a province. This is the masterpiece of MTH using its products, solution, project management and services. The project completed in early 2006.

Project: National Broadband Backup Network for a big News Agency
Year of implementation: 2005

This project is to construct a broadband wide area network (WAN) to connect the headquarters to 31 branches. This News Agency domestic broadband multi-services telecom network is for the purpose of backup and expansion, realized the domestic broadband to carry 1. Data and Intranet traffic; 2. Data, Video Conference and audio-visual news upload and load balancing, enable the business unit operating the domestic network more efficiently. The project was completed in 2005.

Project: Network Improvement Project for a Provincial Political and Juridical
Year of implementation: 2005

This project integrates Public Security, Attorney-General and Judiciary network into one integrated, multi-services network platform. It includes inter-connections between the provincial wide Public Security, Attorney-General and Judiciary departments to 21 local county and city departments. Utilizing the Public Security secondary network, it employs the MPLS-VPN technology to guarantee tunneling (traffic separation) and Quality of Services (bandwidth guarantee). This project completed in 2005.

Project: Voice network for an US based company in PRC
Year of implementation: 1996

We supplied the Nortel voice equipment and support services throughout China.

Project: Voice networks for a UK based multi-national banking corporation in PRC
Year of implementation: 1995 – 2008

MTH responsible for the majority of Nortel equipment and support services to HSBC. MTH also supplied HSBC-Guangzhou and HSBC-Shanghai Nortel Passport Multi-services Switches and installations.

Project: Voice network for a US based multi-national computer manufacturer in PRC
Year of implementation: 2004

We supplied the voice network serving the offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Project: Voice network for a global accounting firm in PRC
Year of implementation: 2002

We supplied the Nortel voice platform to form a network serving offices in Beijing and Tianjin.

Project: Voice network for a US based automobile company in PRC
Year of implementation: 2001

We supplied the Nortel CS1KM equipment to serve offices in Shanghai and Beijing.